Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions please call the DAHC office at 940-484-7048 or submit a contact form

What does DAHC Do? 

DAHC develops and manages affordable housing units throughout Denton, ranging from single-family homes to small apartment buildings. You can learn more about DAHC here

Where are your properties?

DAHC manages properties throughout the City of Denton, covering several neighbohoods. You can view a map of all of our buildings here.

How can I apply to live in a DAHC property? 

You may search for available properties. Afterward, if you find a property you like, you may visit the How to Apply for Housing and Eligibility Requirements pages to find everything you need to apply.

How can I support your work? 

DAHC offers several opportunities for people to support affordable housing that positively impacts neighborhoods. You can find all of our opportunities here.