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Affordable Homes that Positively Impact Neighborhoods

As developers gradually disconnect themselves from the communities in which their buildings exist, the feedback loop grows, as well—creating missed opportunities to develop affordable housing that positively impacts neighborhoods. At DAHC, we do it different—leaning on our long-time commitment to Denton and local partners to develop affordable housing that adds (not subtracts) to neighborhoods.

More Neighborhoods, More Opportunity

DAHC manages affordable homes in several neighborhoods across Denton, meaning you can find a home that works best for your life.

Homes that “Feel” like Home

DAHC designs homes that complement the neighborhoods in which they’re built, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice that home-like “feel” for affordable rent.

Local Support Ecosystem

DAHC partners with several nonprofit organizations that fill gaps in care, helping people find affordable housing.

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Support Affordable Housing That Positively Impacts Neighborhoods

Learn how you can use your unique skills, passions, and vision for Denton to support affordable housing that positively impacts neighborhoods.

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