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Denton Affordable Housing Corporation

Our residents tell their stories

Our residents tell their stories

Our residents tell their storiesOur residents tell their storiesOur residents tell their stories

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Residents' testimonials

Transitional Housing for Victims of Domestic Violence

"When I left my abusive husband I was terrified.  I didn't know where I could go and still be be safe.  I wasn't only worried about myself but also  had to worry about my children.  Luckily I found an emergency shelter program that allowed me to stay for 6 months while I started by life all over again with my children.  

At the end of the six months I had completed all my life skills training, had a job and my children were enrolled in the local schools and thriving.  But it was time for me to move out and move on with our lives.  Luckily the shelter had a relationship with Denton Affordable Hosing Corporation and I was able to move into one of their transitional housing units with affordable rent.   

We love our apartment.  It's clean, safe, affordable and most importantly it's our home! " 

Victim of Domestic Violence Resident

Long Term Special Needs Housing

"I wanted to live as  independently as possible.  I didn't want to be a burden on my family since I was wheelchair bound.  But I also knew  that was going to be very difficult since rents were so high in Denton and I live on a monthly disability check.

I also needed a two bedroom unit because I require 24/hr care and assistance.  I would need the extra bedroom for my live in care provider.  I was very fortunate to find a 2 bedroom handicap accessible unit with Denton Affordable Housing Corporation.  And with the rent far below market value, combined with my housing assistance voucher, I was elated to finally have my own place.   Thank you DAHC for making my dream come true." 

Long Term Special Needs Housing Resident

Elderly and Disabled Housing

"I was spending almost all my monthly Social Security check on rent and had little left over for food, utilities  and medicines.   I even had my adult grandson living on my couch so he could help me with bills.   Every month it was a struggle and if something unexpected came  up I had to make the choice between paying my rent or buying my medications. 


When I saw the name Denton Affordable Housing Corporation pop up on my caller ID my heart started racing.  I had been on their waiting list for several years for one of their HUD 811 rental assistance properties for the disabled.  Sure enough my name had finally made it to the top of the waiting list.  Now I only spend 35% of my monthly income on rent.  That's such a blessing and now I can afford to live alone.  And I even got my couch back!" 

DAHC 811 Housing Resident

Housing for Veterans

"I served my country during the Vietnam War.  When I returned everything seemed okay.  But as time passed I began to have emotional and psychological problems, which I now know are part of my PTSD.

I started to self medicate with alcohol and drugs to deal with the demons in my memory.  And over time and through the years I lost all motivation and ended up on the streets.  I have lived on and off the streets for over 30 years.  But as I grew into my later years I knew it was time to get off the streets permanently, and get my life together.  I completed a 6 month in house treatment program then transition to a 90 day halfway housing.      

After completing the 90 days my caseworker was able to place me in one of the  Denton Affordable Housing Corporation Veteran Permanent Housing Units.  

I love it.  I have all the support services I need to stay sober and off the streets.  I survive on my Veterans and Social Security Benefits but since my rent is so affordable I am able to manage my finances okay."       

Former Homeless Veteran Housing Resident 


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Our residents survive on 35-80% of area median income

MHMR Residents


We have 8 homes that we rent exclusively to Denton County Mental Health Mental Retardation.  MHMR provides all of the wrap around services for the residents of each home, including 24hr on site supervisors.  This allows the residents live semi-independently in the community as roommates.  

Long-term Disabled


We have eight homes designated for housing the long term disabled.   These residents live either independently or with a care giver.  All the homes are built to ADA specifications.

Senior Citizen


Many of our rental units are occupied by senior citizens living on fixed incomes.   We have rental units that meet the needs of our seniors.  Affordable housing allows them to live independently in the community and enjoys their golden years.      

Transitional Housing for Domestic Violence Victims


It takes tremendous courage to escape a domestic violence household.  But once someone makes that decision they need a place to live.  We provide safe and affordable transitional rental housing to victims of domestic violence.  We have 11  units that are set aside for clients of front line social service agencies serving victims of domestic violence. housing in Denton

Transitional Housing for Homeless Veterans


Our Military Veterans are our country's heroes.   Sadly many veterans end up homeless and living on the streets struggling with unemployment, addiction, emotional problems, etc..  

We work with outside agencies and provide permanent housing to formerly homeless veterans who are actively participating in a program and receiving support services.   

Housng for Workforce Families


The economy is thriving and there are plenty of job available.  However, many working households spend far too much on housing in Denton.  A thriving economy, along with the large student population, have pushed rental rates above the affordability of the Workforce Housing Population.

Denton Affordable Housing owns several rent restricted rental properties for working families earning up to 80% area median income.