Providing Affordable Housing Solutions - 1104 Dallas Drive, #229, Denton, Texas 76205

Denton Affordable Housing Corporation

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Who we are

Rudolph Garza, Executive Director


    With over 25 years of experience in Affordable Housing and Community Development, Rudolph brings a wealth of knowledge and passion as he leads DAHC toward fulfilling its mission.  You can reach him at

Jennifer Love-Fritts, Accounting Manager


Jennifer is the person that manages all our finances.  She is our bookkeeping guru and keeps track of our rents, deposits and late fees, as well as, our expenses.    She also sends out all late payment notices. 

You can reach her at

Carrie Baugus, Rental Coordinator

If you are going to rent a unit from us, Carrie will be the first person you will talk with and meet.  She handles all of our intake paperwork,  rental applications, background checks, income verification and leases. 

You can reach her at